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No issue is too complex or too simple

No issue is too complex or too simple

Whether you’re dealing with a minor dispute or a dispute with lasting consequences, you need to have the right attorney on your side. As a veteran of the U.S. military, I have a strong desire to assist people in need. Whether you’re dealing with a military-related matter or a simple civil issue, you can rely on me for passionate legal assistance. Reach out to the Law Office of Michael E. Lyons, P.C. right now to start working on your case.

If you’ve found yourself in a complicated legal battle with another party, you need a dedicated attorney on your side for the process. I am proud to assist individuals in and around Upper Marlboro, MD with their civil matters. I have years of experience with numerous complex litigation cases, so your case in the right hands. Get in touch if you need assistance in any of the following civil matters:

  • Real estate transactions and disputes
  • Complex contract disputes
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Construction disputes
I specialize in contractor-client disputes. For years, I’ve fought for individuals who have had to deal with construction problems due to contractor mistakes. If you are searching for an Upper Marlboro attorney that handles construction disputes, contact the Law Office of Michael E. Lyons, P.C. today.