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The treacherous waters of the legal process should not be traveled alone. You need a passionate and dedicated legal advocate on your side for your situation. I have experience with many complex litigation matters in Upper Marlboro, MD and the surrounding Washington, D.C. area. Come to my office today if you have a case involving:

As a member of Patriot Law Group, I also offer full-service representation and defense for military personnel. This includes matters involving criminal charges, disability claims and court-martials. Whether you need a criminal defense attorney in Washington or a family law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD, come to my office for assistance.

About Michael E. Lyons of Upper Marlboro, MD

After serving four years in the United States Air Force, I transitioned from active duty to the Air Force reserves to begin my own law firm. Now, at the Law Office of Michael E. Lyons, P.C., I passionately represent clients in family law, personal injury, criminal defense, real estate and civil litigation matters.

I bring with me years of experience from the United States Air Force Advocate General’s Corps, using my knowledge and experience to handle low- and high-profile cases in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Dedication unlike any other attorney

From interstate DUI cases to Upper Marlboro real estate situations, I promise as your lawyer that I will fight for you and your rights and reach for a favorable resolution to your case. You deserve to have someone who not only has the legal experience and expertise to navigate your case, but who also has the compassion to assist you with the more personal and emotional elements of the situation. I am dedicated to your case, and I will fight for the best possible outcome for it.

Don’t navigate this unknown path without the right legal advocate. Choose the Law Office of Michael E. Lyons of Upper Marlboro, MD for legal help, and you will have an experienced attorney on your side for your family law, real estate law or civil case.

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